The Best Albuquerque Wedding Officiant Is Celebrations New Mexico

The Best Wedding Officiant in ABQ?  Really?

I know that the word “best” is rather subjective, but my opinion remains unchanged on this subject.  Virginia Graumann from Celebrations New Mexico started officiating wedding ceremonies in Albuquerque and the surrounding central New Mexico region earlier this year.  Since then, I have been to several of her weddings as a photographer and I have been consistently impressed at the job she does.

Lachioma Wedding - 2013
A photo I took of Virginia officiating the Lachioma wedding in September, 2013

I want to recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant in the Albuquerque area.  Why?  Because she goes above and beyond what most wedding officiants normally do.  Short notice?  She will do everything she can to work you on.  Traveling from out of town?  She will help you make arrangements.  She has even made a cake for a client who had their plans fall apart at the last minute.  The wedding shown in the photo to the right had their officiant leave about 20 minutes before the ceremony started–and Virginia stepped up and officiated their wedding as if it had been planned this way all along.

Mr. Lachioma (groom) had great things to say about that day:

“On our wedding day we had some pretty crazy circumstances take place. Virginia with short notice was able to execute a phenomenal ceremony. She took the lead on ensuring we knew exactly what would happen and was grrat to work with overall. I think it says a lot when you choose someone for this because they become part of the ceremony and when we renew our vows in the distant future we hope to have Virginia be part of that as well.” – Jason Lachioma, September 2013 (Review from WeddingWire)

Jordan & Christina never expected this 5-star treatment from a wedding officiant:

Hotel Room Decorated by Celebrations New Mexico
Hotel Room Decorated by Celebrations New Mexico

“When Jordan and Christina were not getting the necessary follow-up from their planned wedding officiant, Jordan’s mother, Alexis, reached out to me. It was a week before their planned trip to Albuquerque, and she was frantic.


“We’re flying to Albuquerque from San Antonio for their wedding…Are you available?”


They wanted a 11/12/13 wedding?  How could I say no!?


Not only would I make myself available, but I was also able to help them for half the cost of what the original officiant was charging.  And in an effort to make things extra special for this couple, I baked their cake, picked up some champagne, and after a Skype conversation with the two of them, set out to write a memorable, personalized ceremony.


With the help of Alexis…we had planned to surprise the couple with flowers in their room. To add a bit of flare, I included some New Mexico wine, chocolates, and a fruit platter for them.”

In Summary

Virginia does traditional or custom ceremonies, based entirely on the couple’s preference, and she is committed to making it a memorable experience for all!  She can customize everything down to the word and can incorporate any special traditions you have.  She is clearly the BEST ALBUQUERQUE WEDDING OFFICIANT, and I hope you will choose her for your ceremony. 🙂

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