Deleting SCOM 2012 Management Packs With Powershell

Powershell LogoOn my first installation of System Center 2012 Operations Manager (SCOM), I imported many more management packs than I should have. I went to delete the unnecessary ones and found out that you can only delete one at a time through the console.

To speed up the process, I combined the guidance of Microsoft and the functionality of PowerShell to uninstall the unwanted Management Packs in a hurry.

First, if needed, add the SCOM 2012 module to your PowerShell session with the following command:

Import-Module -Name OperationsManager

The command line that follows will allow you to remove any SCOM Management pack with the .PTB or .KOR country extensions in the name (you can easily modify this for your specific requirements–but the more complex your search string, the longer the command will take to fully execute):

Get-SCOMManagementPack | ?{ $ -match “.PTB” -or “.KOR” } |Remove-SCManagementPack

More information about these commands is located at:

One thought on “Deleting SCOM 2012 Management Packs With Powershell

  • Pilar

    Hi Mike, first thanks for the work anuord , still dont understand why Microsoft didnt change it , because your are able to select domain local security groups when grant send-as permissions.But i got a small other issue with exchange 2010, i am using the domain local security group to set grant permissions to a shared mailbox. for a unknow reason the attribute msExchDelegateListLink of the shared mailbox does not get filled in. so users who are member of that group does not get the shared mailbox automatically in their outlook 2010. if i add the permissions per user the attribute get filledin within a few minutes and trhe users sees the shared mailbox in their outlook after 3 min. any help is greatley appriciated


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