3 New Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorants That You Have To Try in 2016
Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

It has been over two years since I last posted about natural alternatives to traditional deodorants.  Luckily for you, there are many new and wonderful deodorant options–and all of these are natural and none of these include aluminum (aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex, aluminum chloride, etc…), alum (potassium alum, potassium aluminium sulfate, ammonium alum) or other similar […]

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Get Rid of Pesky Hornworms, Caterpillars and Grubs–the Organic Way!
Tomato Hornworm

Spring has spring and bugs are emerging.  I recently spotted a hummingbird moth in my garden and then discovered grubs while planting bulbs later that day.  These two innocent looking bugs are actually very destructive.  Luckily, they can be easily eliminated with completely organic, non-toxic and animal-safe products. Tomato Hornworms and Caterpillars — Vicious and […]

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